Pastoral Healing… what’s that?

RevdKathy offers time to chat about the things that matter to you right now, in a pastoral, confidential setting. Kathy has experience and understanding of a number of models of counselling, but pastoral care doesn’t confine itself to just one.

The emphasis of conversation is on things which are of “ultimate concern” – what is life for? Why should we bother? Where did we come from? What happens when we die? Is there a God? Why do bad things happen to good people? What is forgiveness? Am I forgiven? Am I loved?

Kathy does not offer answers to these questions (unless you ask what she believes). The aim of the conversation is to help you find your own answers that will work for you. Or if there are no answers, to find ways of living with the questions.

In addition, Kathy offers an opportunity for either Spiritual or Crystal Healing, or guided meditation as part of the therapy session.