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For many years now I’ve worked both as a minister and a chaplain in mental health. I’ve come to realise that everyone has Big Questions. Most of the time we turn away from looking at them, and focus on the here and now: did I turn the gas off, have I paid that bill, what will tomorrow’s weather be?

But there are those occasions, events, and situations that throw us out of that comfort zone and make us ask the real questions. It happens at puberty, when we’re sick, when we get married or have a baby, for any big life change, and of course when someone dies or we face our own mortality.

For people who have a ‘tidy’ religion that can be a trial. For people who aren’t sure what they believe it’s an even bigger problem. So I wanted to offer ‘Pastoral Therapy’ as a place to talk safely and in confidence about the Big Stuff for those who need it, without judgement, without trying to impose my beliefs. Simply a space to help people work out their own answers to the big questions of life, or find ways of living with the questions if there aren’t any answers.

Alongside this, I offer Spiritual Healing or Crystal Healing, or guided meditation to assist with relaxation and finding peace in the midst of the swirl of questions.

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